New Blog URL????

 I get a lot of questions about my blog's URL. Quite frankly, I'm not a big fan myself- merry bobbins??? What is that? I originally chose the name as this blog was meant to document all my sewing/crafting ventures. I go though a lot phases and I happened to be in a homemaking one at the time. That soon subsided. Then I used the blog as a means to keep in touch with my family while I lived in Florida. Now I post pretty much whatever I feel like... but I really want to change my blog's URL name. But is it really worth it? Everyone who has a link to my blog would have to change its URL and it creates a whole chain process, but the name I have now is simply unfitting and not relevant anymore... What's the consensus... I need your opinion... as after all, you guys will be the ones who have to change your links!

Strange things are happening to me

On Monday I got a 75% on a multiple choice test. This is not acceptable.

Yesterday I saw my first ever roller blader on campus in the early morning high tailing it around campus... thats a first for me... Does he keep them on while sitting through class? How does he go up stairs without looking completely ridiculous? I have so many questions.

Also yesterday during my jogging class the track and field team was occupying the outdoor track, which is where we usually run, so we were forced run at a last minute location: the rugby field. We were doing speed interval training, which if you've never done before is pure torture. It took me back to my lacrosse days when I could actually run fast. Now I can't complain about the fact that the rugby players showed up for practice and started stretching, running, and being all tough and stuff.... I just wish they weren't watching me run my weak sauce body to exhaustion!

Today I fell up the stairs of the JFSB. I had my (40lb no joke) backpack slung on just one shoulder and when my foot barely hit the edge of the step my backpack jolted downward and brought me with it. A guy who was headed down the stairs stopped to ask if I was ok, as 40 lbs of textbooks falling to the ground makes quite the loud noise. (Seriously my backpack is so heavy that when I sit it in my front seat the no seat belt light comes on)

Thats this weeks update.

A Black Cloud

I can't remember if I've ever blogged about the levels of stench that exist in this world, but in case I haven't heres a quick run down (as an explanation is needed to preface this story).

Green Cloud: manageable yet still uncomfortable stench that fills the air
Dark Cloud: bad bad body odor or stench that makes you turn and walk in another direction
Black Cloud: the worst of the worst, run away from the stench and warn all others headed in its path

In my art history classroom every Monday I open the door to a black cloud. I can't figure out if its a continuous stench that is in-bedded in the carpet somehow or if it is someone who constantly has horridly awful body odor. This smell has been constant and never failing all semester... there is a guy who sits by the door and I can't help but wonder if he is the cause of all of this... but he does have a ring on his finger meaning he is married... and you would hope to think that his wife would fix this body odor problem. But people still continue to sit by that stinky spot by the door every week. Am I the only one who can smell this... I really don't understand how the people who sit in its vicinity muster it.

Help me solve this mystery!!! Room # 2105 JKB

Hey Good Looking

Some actors are just plain good looking...
Exhibit A:

And Exhibit B:
However, then there are those movie stars that you wonder what all the fuss is about... If they were just an average joe walking down the street, girls wouldn't be thinking thats the most attractive man I've ever seen... This is CLEARLY seen with the beloved Edward Cullen... ughhh I shall never fully comprehend women's fascination with him... its gross.
Ryan Gosling... sorry to say it... but if it weren't for the Notebook... who knows where you'd be
And Ah.... Chuck Bass... Your suits are what make you.

Remember this guy in 10 Things I Hate About You... not so appealing... remember him in inception.... ummmm.... much better
Long, greasy, straggly hair is usually not the best way to tame the mane, but apparently if you sing a song on your high school bleachers dedicated to Kat Stratford, all is forgiven.
Who doesn't love Jim Halpert... you terrorize Dwight, and we love you for it.
Again long straggly hair and a nasty beard somehow work for this guy... he really looks better as Aragorn than he does in real life.

This post doesn't really have a relevant point... I just realized that. 


I went to a BYU Rugby yesterday at Rio Tinto Stadium and it was pretty awesome. Not only was it my first time in the actual stadium since it was built, but was my first rugby game ever. Let me tell you, it is the coolest/roughest/most entertaining sport.

Cute players, knee socks, short shorts, unparalleled athleticism are what make this sport great. This "move" in the picture below is hilarious to watch. I don't know the name of it, but I termed it "the mermaid". Men shooting up out of the crowd to get the ball, I guess rugby players give yell-leaders a run for their money. But it looks quite painful... no?

Anyways, these players were in such good shape it made me tired just watching them. They sprinted like cheetahs. None of us knew the actual rules of the game so we mostly enjoyed nicknaming the players, cringing at the hard hits and then watching the players roll on the field in sheer agony while the game continued on as if no one was injured. Just some of the nicknamed players were Rufio, Avatar, nice shoes, and Butch, why didn't we refer to them by their numbers? Because thats no fun at all is it? I would highly recommend going to one of their games.

A funny and forgotten story

I have some nephews who say some pretty funny things to me sometimes.

 As children get older, they learn to read. A fact that Abby doesn't always remember. A few weeks ago my family was up at our cabin in Park City. I was blogging and left my computer open while I left to go get something. Low and behold, Josh, aka the family gossip. "Hey everybody... Abby's got a crush on somebody!!!" Don't leave unfinished blog posts on your screen while this one is nearby!

My nephew Jack came down to visit two weeks ago and the first thing that he runs up and says to me is "Hey Abby. Guess what I got?" What Jack? " I got a pink eye!" Haha low and behold his eye did have a lovely pink hue! Kids say the darnedest things. Another Jack story just came into my head. While playing outside with me and Katherine my dad said to Jack, "You have two crazy aunts." Jack looked down at his feet and said "I don't see any ants."
These pics are really old and need a major update! But they were all I had. ...what kind of an aunt am I? Congratulations to Tom and Angie! They're expecting a boy!!! Hooray for another much needed nephew!